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Songs from ‘Breathe’

All Is Given (658K) Keep the faith!

Breathe (1.2M) Relax caterpillar, you were meant to fly!

Days Like These (464K) Seize the day!

Over the Rainbow (426K) Cover song by Harold Arlen.

Waters of March (433K) Cover song by Antonio Carlos Jobim.

What Angels Do (1.1M) A tribute to you, angel.

Wearing Our Shoes (394K) Inspired by Eckhart Tolle’s book New Earth.

All For One (783K) Song for the New Earth.

Spark of God (441K) That would be you.

I Am Here (206K) Whispers from beyond the grave.

Songs from ‘Dream’

I Love You (908K) A love song, of course.

Annie Ride (721K) Persevere!

Full of Incentive (580K) Wacky infatuation.

This Place (1M) My version of What A Wonderful World.

My Insanity (908K) Unleash your inner freak! Be yourself.

Harry’s World (1M) Hail to a trumpet player. (My dad)

My Only One (924K) How your mom felt when you left home.

Remember (986K) Reclaim your magical Inner Child!

Forgiven (1M) Divine Love!